Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a carnival for this year.  We are replacing the carnival with some Circus Acts on Wednesday and Thursday night along with some exciting Inflatables on Friday and Saturday.  Check out some of the fun inflatables below.  Here is a link to the Circus that is coming.  Anastasini Circus  The Circus Shows will be free of charge.  We will have the inflatables running on Friday from 6pm - 10pm and Saturday 1pm - 5pm / 6pm - 10pm.  We will be charging $10 per  4 hour session or $20 for both days.  Most of the money we raise will go to the Senior Class of 2021 Prom committee whom will be Supervising the Inflatables.  Thank you for your support!

65' Radical Run Rock Climb Challenge

This Dual Lane 65' Obstacle Course starts with a 7 Elements Obstacle Course and end with a Rock Climb Slide.

Zorb Ball Experience

Introducing DeliverThePartys all new Zorb Ball Experience! We provide the Zorb Balls and a Dual Lane, Criss-Crossing, 75 ft Long, Racing Track!

Trying to plan a fun outing? Clark County Fairgrounds is just the place for you! Call us today.

Mickey Park Learning Club

The Mickey Park learning club is the perfect way to combine active fun with a stimulating learning environment.

Light-Up Challenge Arena

Battle in the Arena using the Light-Up Challenge System. This Inflatable allows players to compete for most points by running and tapping lights.

Mega 16' Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide

This Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide is perfect for events that want a high throughput as it allows for two lanes of traffic.

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