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Camping at the Clark County Fair

Camping Accommodations

If using a camper for living accommodations, the following applies:
    Campers & Trailers with living accommodations (No Electricity)...................$25
    Campers & Trailers with living accommodations (With Electric Hookup)......$80

Each Occupant of a Camper Must Purchase a Season Ticket

Camping permits will be issued upon registration.  Campers will be checked for permits, so they must be displayed in the camper window at all times.  Camper parking must be registered upon arrival at the Fairgrounds entrance gate or Fair Office.

For questions about camping please contact Craig Babington (660)-341-1962

Reserved Camping Information & Rules 2024

  • Reserved camping continues to be available

  • To qualify, you must have camped at the Clark County Fair in 2023

  • You may only reserve the same camping spot that you had in 2023

  • Reserved spots cost $180 ($100 for reservation, $80 regular camping rate)

  • Reserved campers will be able to park the Saturday before the fair 5pm to 7pm.  Money is due at this time.

  • If you are unable to park on this date, but would like your reserved spot, please contact Craig Babington to arrange paying for your reservation PRIOR to Saturday.

  • After 7pm on Saturday, your camping spot will be opened for other campers on a first come first serve basis.  At this time, those that have reserved spots may switch them out with other available spots.  From 7-8pm, gates are open to parties wanting to reserve any available spot for $180.

  • Reserved camper parking closes at 8pm

Regular Camping Information & Rules

  • Regular camper setup begins at 9am the Sunday before the fair.  First Come First Serve.

  • Please do not line up for this prior to 6am.  A person must remain with their camper while waiting for check in.

  • Campers will line up beginning at the amphitheater on the midway.  Hopefully this will keep campers from being on the roadway.

  • You may not park in a camping spot until you have paid for the spot and have been checked in.  A camper or vehicle, (if bringing camper later), must remain in this spot until the camper is brought in.

  • Only one camping spot may be bought per vehicle in line.  If you would like to buy an additional spot for someone, please return to the end of the line.


  • After you unhook, do not park your vehicle on any empty lots.  You may park behind your camper or in front of your camper.  No saving spots unless it has been paid for.

  • If you park after Sunday, please contact Craig Babington (660-341-1962) to pay for your spot.  Any campers that do not have a parking pass by Thursday of the fair will be asked to leave.

  • A minor is any person under the age of 21.  You are responsible for the actions and safety of your children and other children who are under your supervision.  No child may be left on the campgrounds without a responsible adult supervising them.

  • If anyone under age gets caught drinking alcohol parents & local law enforcement will be contacted.

  • We ask you to please put all trash in its proper place for pickup each morning.

  • No drainage of water or sewer may be disposed on the surface ground.  This also includes gray water!

  • All pets must be confined or on a leash.  Any other pets unattended are subject to immediate removal.  Cleaning up after your pets is required.

  • No firearms, or illegal drugs.

  • QUIET HOURS:  Curfew are to be observed from 1am to 6am.  No excessive noise at any time, which may disturb other campers, will be permitted.

  • Anyone not observing or following these rules will have one verbal warning & second warning will be asked to leave with no refunds.

  • No wood fires

  • Fairboard has final say

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