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Demolition Derby

The Demo Derby will be Friday night at 7pm.  Pit Passes will be $25 / Drivers $50,  Children 12 / under will not be allowed in the pits.  Contact Britten Gray for details.  660-342-2456.  Sunny Sweeney Concert Following the Derby!

Demo Derby

Drivers can register to compete in the 2023 Clark County Fair Demolition Derby on Friday July 21st 2023 at 5pm.  +$14,000 guaranteed prize money.  Contact Lunatic Promotions on Facebook by clicking a link in the Rules section.

Rules Listed Below

Limited Weld Full Size

80 / Newer Full Size Stock

Weld Compact

Limited Weld Compact

Gut N Go Compact

Power Wheels Derby

Power wheels derby starts at 6:30 pm.  Bring your own cars and helmet.

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